They Say it’s Your Birthday…It’s My Birthday, too!

Yay! I love birthdays! Especially my own. 🙂

As my birthday is Monday, I’ve been celebrating all weekend long! That’s just how I roll. Friday night, I met some friends at Brunswick Zone for a few games of bowling. Ian and I purchased a Groupon for bowling several months ago, and it sounded like a fun way to kick off the weekend. I’m not a great bowler. But I did break 100! (That’s big for me…I’m really not good.) Ian is actually a very decent bowler, and he makes it look ridiculously easy. It’s totally unfair.

And now, for a lovely showcase of the bowlers, from behind (of course):

It’s nearly impossible too look cool bowling. And I have very poor form. Maybe I’ll work on that next time.

After working for a few hours Saturday morning/early afternoon, my best friend and her husband (both of whom I love!) came up to celebrate with us. Ian made awesome black bean and chickpea sliders (two separate flavors – a black bean slider and a chickpea slider). We got recopies for both on foodgawker; if you’ve never visited foodgawker…GO NOW! It’s amazing! After our delicious dinner,  we went to Goodberry for dessert. Oh, you know that I love Goodberry!!! It was super fun because my friends had not yet been to a fro-yo place, so I was able to show them the way. And one of the employees randomly told us several fairly inappropriate, completely not PC jokes. It was humorously awkward and uncomfortable.

Sunday, my dear mom drove up to spend the day with me! Birthdays have always been a big deal in my family. I think Ian was really overwhelmed the first time he celebrated my birthday with my family. We go all out, and it’s quite over the top. And even at the ripe old age of 27, the tradition continues.

We began the day with a delightful lunch at one of my favorite Fort Collins standbys: The Crown Pub.

Mom and I had celebratory bloody marys and Ian opted for his usual IPA (from O’dell, I believe).

Mom had a french dip sandwich with pub chips.

Ian had the Blackened Blue Royale burger (he’s been missing meat…) and pub chips.

I had a delicious pumpkin and butternut squash soup and bread (and some pub chips from both Mom and Ian…who can resist pub chips?!).

I just love The Crown Pub. I have never had anything that I didn’t like, and for a pub, the food is remarkably tasty and light. I never feel overly full (or like I just consumed a plate full of MSG). Definitely give it a go the next time you’re in Fort Collins!

After lunch, my mom and I spent the afternoon shopping in Old Town. One of my all time favorite stores is White Balcony. They have the the most adorable and unique collection of gifts, accessories, gag gifts, cards, clothes, and more. I just love the variety! And their decorating is artwork itself. Plus, everything is arranged by color – perfect for overly organized OCD people like me. It’s a store after my own heart. In fact, I got so caught up in the excitment of the store that I forgot to take pictures of the inside to show just how adorable it is. *sigh* Oh darn, I may just have to go back!

After a fun day of shopping with my mom, I was fortunate to spend the evening with even more family! My in-laws came up for dinner and brought with them a scrumptious feast of goodies. My mother-in-law made a tasty black bean and rice enchilada casserole and paired it with one of her amazing salads.She makes salads like no one else – she really should start her own salad cafe. They are THAT good! After dinner, we had some of Grandy’s homemade cookies. There were so many different flavors: mocha, macaroon with chocolate, peanut butter, white chocolate chip and macadamia. It was impossible to decide which flavor to try, so we divided the cookies and sampled all of them. AMAZING. And now, I am quite full. I should probably (definitely) go for a run tomorrow!

And, as a birthday gift to myself, I’m not working tomorrow (my actual birthday). I’ve been working hard and quite a lot lately, so I decided to take my birthday off. I’ve already had three sub calls plus a call to work at my other job tomorrow, but I’ve declined them all. Sometimes, sleep and relaxation are simply more important than making money.


One thought on “They Say it’s Your Birthday…It’s My Birthday, too!

  1. Happy Birthday, Munchkin!! I had such fun with you yesterdeay!
    Yes – do go back to the White Balcony and spend some of your fun money!

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