A Delight-Fall Treat That’s Salty and Sweet!

During college, I was fortunate to live with three of my closest friends for a year! It was a blast! My fondest memories from that year are from the month of October. We had many fun adventures, and misadventures: We visited a local pumpkin patch, hosted an anything-but-clothes party to celebrate the October birthdays (hey, we were in college…), and we dressed as Victoria’s Secret Angels for Halloween – black wings, black boots, the whole shabang!

But one thing I remember most is eating myself silly on candy corn and peanuts. I can’t remember who introduced this amazing combination (Sara? Amy? Kels?), but it has been an October staple in my house ever since!

Combine peanuts (I prefer roasted and salted) with a bag of traditional candy corn. And, wa-la! A delight-fall treat!



2 thoughts on “A Delight-Fall Treat That’s Salty and Sweet!

  1. Without fail, my mom used to put a bowl full of mixed nuts in a glass pumpkin on the living room table. They weren’t the ready-packed nuts, mind you; they had to be the kind that you have to crack and pick out on your own. I love to carry on that tradition!

  2. Chelsey made the BEST dress out of garbage bags and duct tape for that anything but clothes party! I have no idea what I wore, but I definitely remember her dress!

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