Let there be light!

I wanted to provide a bit of commentary on my progress with my photography Lent goal thus far. It has been MUCH harder than I anticipated. I figured I would read through my camera’s manual, follow the advice of my friends and fellow bloggers, and be on my merry way taking amazing photos in no time.

Not so much.

The manual was really confusing. I’m a visual and kinetic learner, meaning I learn best by watching other people and then doing it myself. I have a hard time reading directions and following them (I think I just figured out my fear of cooking!). Simply reading the manual and having no one there to show me what it was saying, or answer my many questions, was frustrating.

Thus, rather than take a bunch of pictures this week, I’ve been spending my time (1-2 hours per day) searching for more help and info on the world wide web. Happily, over the weekend, I stumbled across this gem: Photographer Samantha Alday offers a 17-week Photography 101 Series. Jackpot! This is exactly what I have been looking for: Someone to walk me step-by-step, piece-by-piece through camera basics. Alday lists the entire series on her blog, so my hope is to read through and practice a few each week rather than go through the entire 17 weeks. I have some basic background knowledge, but I need to brush up and hone in my skills.

The focus this week is light. Light is the foundation of photography. This week, I’ve been playing with ISO and Aperture. The best ISO advice I received was from Katie:

No light = high ISO (1000, 1600)
Lots of light = low ISO (100, 200)

Of course it gets more complicated than that, but I’m starting with basics!

After my very wordy “wordless” post, enjoy a few pics. I’d say you’ve earned it for reading through my long-winded commentary. 😉

My practice with low ISO and aperture (high to low f/stop):

Random shots from the weekend (before I discovered Samantha Alday’s series…).


2 thoughts on “Let there be light!

  1. Are those pictures from last weekend’s brunch? The food looks delicious (I’m not sure if it’s the photos or the food!), I wish I could have been there….

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