Sometimes Dinner’s Just Not Hot

Soooo, I feel a little sheepish posting this dinner, but I “made” it so I figured I would share. And it’s important to recognize that dinner doesn’t have to be a big, fabulous production every time I cook. It can be simple.

This week has already been busy (and it’s only Tuesday, sheesh!). Ian and I are getting ready for a move so we’re trying to clear out our fridge and pantry. Sometimes we have a week of meals aimed to use food we have accumulated in the pantry and never used. I love “eat the pantry” week because it forces us to be creative and it saves grocery money! This week is all about eating what we have, so the meals are going to be a little interesting. Ian was at a meeting tonight, so I was on my own…

Enter my grilled cheese & tomato soup dinner:

The delicious-looking tomato soup? From a box (Imagine Natural Creations Tomato Soup). The perfect grill marks on the bread? From my panini press. Yes, I count heating things up in the microwave and using my panini press as “making” dinner. I would love to say I spent hours making the tomato soup from scratch, but it just didn’t happen this week.

The soup took about one minute in the microwave and I ground some pepper on top (hey, that’s fancy! I used a pepper grinder, thank you). I had grand ideas of creating a think and oozing grilled cheese sandwich, but we didn’t have thick, hearty bread nor good melting cheese. Thus, my Nature’s Pride Multi-Grain bread and two slices each of deli Swiss cheese and Colby cheddar sufficed. I added spinach to make it appear healthier.

The result? Eh. Not the best dinner I’ve ever made (ha! Since I’ve got so much cooking under my belt), but it did the job. The bread was a little flimsy for a panino (singular of panini, if we’re going to use proper Italiano). And the cheese was a little lack-luster. But the tomato soup was pretty darn good!

I think it’s important to share both successes and failures, not that this dinner was a failure. But I’m only human. I’m not trying to compete with food blogs that showcase glorious, delectable dishes of perfection. I’m simply hoping to showcase my culinary attempts and my educational journey into the world of cooking.

Buon appetito…sort of!


2 thoughts on “Sometimes Dinner’s Just Not Hot

  1. Just for the record, I make this for lunch ALL THE TIME. It’s one of my favorites. At least you didn’t put cheddar goldfish in it (like I sometimes do)…that really brings down the gourmet factor. 🙂

  2. This was one of your favorite meals as a child- quick and easy is also part of a busy cook’s life! (Can’t wait to see you!!)

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