Pardon my absence…we’ve been moving this week! We are finally out of the old apartment and all moved into the new townhome (still a rental…someday we will be able to buy a house!). Now I’m trying to get everything settled and organized, which is a challenge I love!

With so much going on, life has been a little crazy this week. Most of “my life” is still in boxes.

Ian and I usually move on weekends when we have more free time and more help. This move, the timing just diddn’t happen. Moving during the week saves money (moving trucks are cheaper on weekdays), but it also means fewer available hands to help with the move. Ian and I moved our entire apartment by ourselves. Our friend Scott was able to help four about an hour, which saved me having to move a really heavy dresser, hutch, and washing machine twice. I was SO THANKFUL to have a little bit of help. Ian and I were just exhausted after moving all day Tuesday.

Wednesday, I had to go back to the old apartment and scrub it down. Cleaning took much longer, and much more energy, than I had anticipated. We also left a few things behind – like ALL of our clothes – so I had to make a few trips back and forth.

Thursday, I subbed at a middle school and had to finish writing the last paper of my graduate career! I’m impressed my brain was functioning enough to put together a coherent paper. Luckily, I had most of it done and only had a few pages left to write and final edits to complete.

Moving always requires making little adjustments. There are things that worked in the old place that no longer work in the new place. And storage always seems to be an issue. Ian and I have overhauled our belongings so many times that by now we only have things that we love and need (well…and I’m sure a few little extras here and there). Ian has a little bit of a hoarder mentality. He likes to save things “just in case” we need them in the future, whereas I like to donate or sell anything we are not using right now. I don’t like clutter. (Hence my burning desire to tear open all the boxes and have the entire place organized and cleaned by this evening).

Our new kitchen is bigger space-wise than our last place, but the storage isn’t as functional. There is a little shelf in the middle of all the cabinets restricting the height of things that may go in the cabinet. Our “fancy” wine glasses don’t have a home yet. And there is less counter space meaning no place for the microwave. We’re hunting for a little cabinet at the local thrift stores to provide some extra storage. Until then, wine glasses, microwave, and Ian’s many spices will have to wait!

And our poor animals are still trying to figure out what’s going on and when we are going “home.” I think they’ll feel more comfortable as we get the new place set up.

We’re all going to need the weekend to get settled in and adjust to our new home. Dog training and homemade meals will resume next week! For now, I’ve got boxes to unpack, shelves to stock, and floors to clean! Oh yeah…and I should probably go for a run…

**Good news! Our camera is FIXED! It appeared on the doorstep of our old place the day we moved. Hooray!





2 thoughts on “Moving!

  1. I’m glad your camera is fixed! I can’t wait to see the “after” pictures! Good luck unpacking! (And sorry we we’re there to help!)

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