Beauty School Mishap

To save money, I started going to a local beauty school for haircuts. My first time at the beauty school salon was back in January when I changed my hair color from blond to brunette. I was really impressed with the quality of the cut and color, so I had no reservations about going back for a new color and cut.

I had fun as a brunette, but was ready to go back to a more natural blond color. Blond feels more like me! My “natural” color seems to be a little darker than I wanted, so I thought I’d go a bit lighter. When the salon stylist asked what color I wanted, I said golden blond and NO bleach. Bleached-blond was not the look I wanted, plus bleach tends to straighten out my curls (too damaging and drying I suppose). I really wanted to do a semi-permanent color, as I had done when I went dark, but the stylist told me it wouldn’t work and “won’t get as light as you want.” I reiterated that I wanted to go golden blond, and not a whole lot lighter than I already was – just a little more blond for summer.

After three hours in the stylist’s chair (half of which was spent at the sink where the stylist and her instructor were doing lord knows what to my poor hair), I emerged from the beauty school looking like this:

Um…golden blond? Not so much. More like brassy orange. And clearly bleach was involved against my will.

Needless to say, there were lots of tears once I got home and looked in the mirror. Even Ava seemed embarrassed for (of?) me.

My hair had been in a ponytail prior to these pics, but the stylist hadn’t really “styled” my hair. She slapped some “curl creme” on my hair and called it good. Although it’s impossible to tell, the cut was cute and I actually like it. But, obviously the color was atrocious. Rather than saving money, I feel like I wasted $34 ($9 haircut, $25 color). And now I’ll have to spend even more to remedy the disaster!

Poor Ian came home from disc golf to a crying wife frantically searching google for a way to fix the bad dye job. I came across an e-how article titled: How to fix a bad bleach job at home with step-by-step instructions. We quickly ran over to the store and picked up a box of an “Ashy Blond” home coloring kit. I felt bad putting my hair through more coloring, but I didn’t want to go to be seen in public with orange hair.

The e-how instructions said to go ahead and color right away, even though the box suggests waiting at least 14 days after bleaching. I knew my hair wasn’t going to turn out like the picture on the box, but I figured it couldn’t get any worse. I carefully followed the instructions and waited anxiously for the results.

Fingers crossed! It’s looking darker and less orange already.

While the result is far from the color I originally wanted, I think it is much better than orange.

When I called my mom, as I do in most crisis situations, she was able to sympathize with my hair disaster. She too recently had a hair dye that didn’t turn out as expected. We lamented our bad dye jobs and both exclaimed our intent to visit our usual and long-standing hair dresser. I know Cheryl can fix anything!

I’m a little bummed that I’ll have to graduate with slightly embarrassing hair, but I’m sure I’ll look back and laugh someday. Graduating isn’t really about hair anyway, and I’ll have a lovely cap to cover most of it! And, really, it could have been worse. My hair could have all fallen out due to over-processing.

At least I still have my hair, even if it’s a little too yellow.


4 thoughts on “Beauty School Mishap

  1. I think after a few days, you will get used to your lighter color and not mind it so much (I think you look lovely, as always!!). I am reminded of the time you cut your bangs to your scalp just before picture day – and then you tried to tape them back on!! Oh the trials of hair!!

  2. Hey Amber! I like the way the re-dye turned out. Don’t worry you’re beautiful no matter what color your hair is! Congrats on graduating today and becoming an aunt! So many big things happening in your life. Can’t wait to catch up 🙂

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