Winding Down from Three Whirlwind Weeks (that’s quite an alliteration!)

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of exciting changes: we moved, I got two jobs (one for the summer, one for the 2011-2012 school year), my adorable nephew Oliver was born, I finished my last semester of graduate school, and I *finally* graduated with my Master’s! I am now the proud owner of a Master of Arts in Teaching: English Education emphasis.

Earning my degree was a long process – four years in the making to be exact. I was SO EXCITED to graduate Friday night that I forgot to snap pictures with Ian and his family before the ceremony started. Once it was over, there was so much chaos that I only got one pic with my mom. Oops! But it doesn’t even matter. I am done! (Though I won’t say forever…When we got back in the car after the ceremony, I promptly declared that I now want a doctorate. Ian’s response, “You have got to be kidding! NO WAY!” We’ll see…)

With so much going on the past three weeks, my 5K training has definitely taken a back seat. I have averaged 1-2 runs each week and only missed one yoga class. Last week, I got in all my training runs, but this past week, I only ran Tuesday and Saturday. I’m not worried. The last time I PRed I didn’t even train for the race! My runs still feel good and I actually think the resting has been good for my poor hip.

As I head into the homestretch of training, I’m really excited about finishing strong. I will be able to complete all of my final training runs and rest up for the big day. My training may not have been perfect, but I think it’s important to do the best I can when I do run and not beat myself up for missed runs.


2 thoughts on “Winding Down from Three Whirlwind Weeks (that’s quite an alliteration!)

  1. I guess it must be a UNC-Girls tradition to make at least two life-changing decisions in the weeks before graduation. It’s not graduation unless you’re pulling your hair out, right? I am so proud to call you my friend – you are one of the hardest-working, intelligent, active, inspirational people I know. Thanks for being my friend…and my guest poster!

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