Memorial Weekend BBQ

Summer officially starts Memorial Day weekend despite the fact that the summer solstice is May 21st – my favorite day of the year! I’m tired of complaining about the rain and lack of sun, so I’m going to relish the moments of sunshine we do get. Sunday afternoon definitely brought warm temps and lots of sunshine to Denver, perfect for a summer kick-off BBQ hosted by my gracious friend Maiki.

Maiki and Ezra (her bf and my brother-in-law…Love!) have the most adorable house in Denver. Perhaps I’m biased. Their landlord allows them to plant beautiful gardens of flowers, veggies, and herbs. Besides bountiful gardens, they have pots and pots full of herbs and plush plants. They are both down-to-earth, artistic souls, which means everything in and around their home is bursting with more creativity than I have in my left thumb. Seriously. Their yard definitely puts my little patio garden to shame. At least I’m trying!

Apparently I didn’t get the “wear your cute summer skirt/dress” memo because I showed up in jean cut-offs and a loose-fitting blouse. Not to say I was necessarily under-dressed, but I really need to invest in some cute summer dresses! Nothing says summer like a polka dot halter and a bohemian floral dress.

Nevertheless, I love this blouse. It’s light and airy and so comfortable. The funny thing about these shorts is that I gave them to a friend about a year ago because I didn’t like them anymore. Low-and-behold, they showed up at a recent clothing swap I went to and I fell back in love with them. I love when that happens.

Now that summer is “officially” here, I’m so ready for long days spent lounging in the sun. Bring on the heat and bring on the sunshine!


One thought on “Memorial Weekend BBQ

  1. Thanks for coming over!! We love having you and you can blog about our house and garden anytime you like! LOVE you!

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