Dog Days of Summer

Summer seems to be flying by at rapid speed. I can’t believe Friday is July 1st! Where exactly did June go? I’ve had trouble trying to fit in everything on my summer to do list, but what I’ve struggled with most is taking advantage of the beautiful weather and spending more time outside.

My work schedule is all over the place. Since I tutor, I work in small chunks spread throughout the day, which makes planning difficult. One thing that has helped me get outside consistently is finding a way managing Ava’s crazy energy.

Ava is a mixed breed, so we don’t really know what all she has in her. It’s anyone’s guess. And people definitely try to guess. The funniest I’ve heard is that she could be a hound. Um, really? Not so much. But we’ve definitely nailed down Australian Kelpie as a high contender. When Ian researched Australian Kelpies, the breed information fit Ava to a T. At the top of the list was: “When bored, Australian Kelpies tend to act out.” I have several half-eaten pairs of shoes and destroyed phone chargers that can attest to that statement!

More importantly, all the Australian Kelpie sites emphasized giving the dog a lot of room to run and roam. They are high energy and don’t do well being cooped up in an apartment for long periods of time. Since we live in a townhouse and don’t have a yard, we knew in order to keep Ava happy, and my shoes and sanity intact, we needed to make sure she gets proper exercise every day.

So, to help wane Ava’s boredom and give her lots of fun socialization, we take her to the dog park. She expends her puppy energy, and my shoes stay in the closet where they belong. We are very fortunate to have a beautiful and big dog park. We’ve even got a great swimming hole for the dogs! Not that Ava takes full advantage of the pool…

We would love for Ava to be a swimmer, and she’s slowly getting more interested in the water, but her favorite activity is finding a dog, or several dogs, who will chase her around until her tongue is hanging nearly to the ground. She LOVES going to the dog park!

We’re hoping to take Ava to a local lake to practice swimming. For now, I’m thrilled that we’ve found a way to let her expend energy and keep our puppy happy. The dog park bonus is the nice little tan I have going on. It only looks like I lead and exciting, outdoor lifestyle!


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