And the celebration comes to an end…

After a week-long celebration, I am thoroughly pleased with all my birthday festivities, but happy to return to life as normal. All play and little work can make Jane a tired (yet grateful!) girl.

The celebration culminated with a visit from my best sister-friend Kelsey and my 2-month-old “nephew” Declan.

Kelsey and I have known each other since the day I was born. Yep! You read that right! Our moms are good friends and Kelsey was actually at the hospital on my birth day 28 years ago. Thus, my birthday wouldn’t be complete without some quality time with my life-long friend Kelsey.

We stopped by Red Table Cafe in Old Town for a truly delightful lunch. I enjoyed a bagel sandwich piled high with fresh veggies and Kelsey ordered the Burrito at Tiffany’s (how could she go wrong with a title like that?!). Both dishes came with a complimentary cookie, music to the ears of dessert fiends like us! Our lunch was just perfect, expounded by the fact that Red Table has become the new inspiration for our forth-coming coffee shop (forth-coming in the next, oh, 10-20 years!).

After lunch, we enjoyed a short stroll around Old Town and then a brief photo shoot with baby Declan back at home. I seriously can’t resist taking ridiculous amounts of pictures when it comes to my friends’ babies. They are so adorable, I just can’t get enough! But it takes several attempts to get a good shot – babies do not like to hold still!

I just love these two pictures of Kelsey and Declan. It’s clear she is enamored with her little man. She is such a wonderful and completely beautiful mom!

Friday night, I took advantage of my last free birthday beverage – a free beer at Cooper Smith’s! I’m not one to pass up a good deal, or a good beer. We played pool with a few of Ian’s friends from school, and I lost quite sorely. Pool is not my game (English teacher, remember?).

I can’t say that I feel a whole lot different turning 28, except that I am now two years away from turning 30 and two years closer to completing my 30 Before 30 goals. As my birthday celebration comes to an end, I feel happily ushered into my 28th year and ready to enjoy another year of health, happiness, and good times! Cheers to that!


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