Sing-er Me a Song!

When my birthday came and went with no mention or inclination of a gift from Ian, I figured he was holding fast to our unspoken “rule” that we should really save money instead of buying each other gifts. We’re really trying to pay down our credit card and rebuild our savings, so I figured no gift was probably the responsible adult thing to do. I am 28 now, after all…

But, I should know that Ian is never one to follow rules or be any kind of predictable. He’s also not the most punctual person I know – let’s call it fashionably late. So you can imagine my delight last night when, after staying late at school to get some work done, I came home to this wonderful surprise:

A Singer sewing machine! Ian can be so sneaky, in the very best way possible. I love surprises and am very easy to surprise. Upon seeing the sewing machine with giant homemade paper bow on top, I jumped up and down clapping my hands and squealing like a little girl. After a profuse thank you to Ian, the next words out of my mouth were, “Now I can do etsy!” Two minutes into owning a sewing machine and I think I am worthy of etsy. Silly girl.

I am REALLY excited to put the Singer to use. I’m not sure what my first project will be, but it’s sure to be epic (and rushed. I’m not good at pacing myself when I’m excited). Sadly, the Singer’s debut will mostly likely have to wait until Thanksgiving or Winter break. I’m a little behind in my lesson planning and paper grading.

Hence my weekend fun:

At least the papers look organized thanks to the awesome binder clips supplied by the truly magnificent Ashlee. And I’m actually looking forward to lesson planning because we’re in the thick of preparations for the NaNoWriMo Young Writer’s Program where my students and I will be writing novels during the month of November. We’re all very excited!

Sick kitty update: Bene the cat is doing great! We finally determined that the vomiting stemmed from eating leaves when we let him outside to play on our little patio. Much to his dismay, Bene is no longer allowed to play outside. He is an inside kitty through and through, despite his many attempts to convince us otherwise. We are all mush happier when food stays in bellies instead of upon duvet covers, carpets, pillows, and seat cushions.


5 thoughts on “Sing-er Me a Song!

  1. My mom is really good at sewing, but somehow I don’t even know how to sew on a button! What a thoughtful gift!

    The young writers program sounds awesome. What kinds of books do you read with your students, or is your class more composition focused? Good luck with lesson planning and grading! One of my good friends is a first year, 8th grade math teacher so I’ve listened to her woes of grading!

    • I have some projects cooking in the back of my mind. I’m anxious to see them come to fruition, so I doubt I will hold out for long!

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