Quick Anniversary Trip to Dillon & Breckenridge

This past weekend, Ian, the dogs, and I took a nice little staycation to Dillon. Our four-year wedding anniversary is this Thursday, so it was a nice excuse to get away. We haven’t been able to do any trips this summer because of Ian’s internship (not to mention the new addition to our family!), but we both believe it is so important to get away, even if only for one night!

We drove up to Dillon Saturday late in the morning after taking the dogs to the dog park in hopes of burning off some of their energy. Our plan worked – they konked out in the back of the car almost the entire drive!

Somehow, the little “dog nap” recharged their energy, so we headed over to Lake Dillon to let them run around on the beach and take a cool dip in the water. A storm was slowly rolling in, but it was really nice to escape the heat of the city (Denver was in the high 90s, low 100s all weekend – yikes!).

Walking along the beach feeling the cool breeze brush my skin and watching my little family enjoy the lake gave me such a feeling of contentment. I’ve been feeling really cooped up and frustrated, and it was so nice to relax and breathe in the mountain air.

Rain poured pretty steadily most of the afternoon and evening, so Ian and I relaxed in the condo and ventured up to Frisco for a low-key dinner at Back Country Brew Pub. We ran into an old friend from high school and college and had a nice time catching up and enjoying the local brew.

Early Sunday morning, we headed up to Breckenridge to hike up to Mohawk Lake. The hike is about seven miles round trip. I was a little nervous about Deke’s ability to hike seven miles, but he was a champ!

Ava, on the other hand, wasn’t the good girl she usually is. About 45 minutes into the hike, Ava took off ahead of us. We had the dogs off leash and they were both being very good, running ahead a bit, but then coming back to check in with us. But Ava took off and didn’t come back. We kept calling out to her, but we couldn’t find her. Ian was convinced she ran ahead, so we continued to hike up hoping we would find her.

Finally, I was worried sick and told Ian we had to make our way back down. I had a feeling Ava had gone back down looking for us. Ian tried to reassure me that another family had surely found Ava and was taking care of her. I didn’t really care – I wanted Ava back with us! We quickly hiked down to the car and checked our voice messages. Relief! Another couple DID have Ava. We called them and arranged to meet at the trail head. Rain and hail forced us to wait in our car while the other couple hiked down.

I was SO excited and relieved to be reunited with Ava. It was terrifying to lose her in the backcountry. Every possible scenario raced through my head and I was overjoyed to have her back safe and sound. Ian and I learned a valuable lesson and I think we realized that we still have some things to work on before we’re ready for kids. We’ll stick with our “fur babies” for now.

Despite the scare of briefly losing Ava, we had a nice little trip. We both decided that a night or two away from home is so good for us, our relationship, and our souls! And the dogs seem to really enjoy the change of scenery. We’re going to make more of an effort to get out and enjoy this beautiful state.


One thought on “Quick Anniversary Trip to Dillon & Breckenridge

  1. Beautiful pictures!! The dogs are so cute – glad you were reunited with Ava. What a nice little get away!

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