The Wild Things

I realized that I haven’t mentioned our beloved “wild things” in quite a while, but rest assured that they are thriving in our new house! Despite all the hustle and bustle of moving and renovating, the animals are doing SO well!


Ava and Deke could not be happier to have a yard to run and play in and the freedom of a dog door so they can go out whenever they please. The only slight downside (and I’m NOT complaining!) is the never-ending dead grass that the dogs constantly track into the house.



I’m thrilled to see them happy and playing together, so I don’t really care about the grass. Ava spends most of her day laying out in the yard soaking up the sun. She seems quite content and at peace in her yard. Deke still has to be crated while we’re at work (below: incriminating evidence from his week of freedom from the crate). As soon as I get home and let him out, he and Ava race to the yard and spend a good hour or two playing together. It’s so great!


Bene is just in love with the house. When the sun is shining he spends hours sitting and gazing out the window. And when the weather is cool, as it has been lately , he can be found sitting right next to one of the heater vents. He loves exploring the house and I know he will be so happy when the weather warms and he can spend lazy hours lounging in the sun room.



The squirrels are certainly having fun with the dogs.  One squirrel in particular loves to taunt Ava, so much that she followed the squirrel up into the tree. Our silly tree-climber:


Our animals are so funny!  But we love them dearly and we are thrilled to see them so happy in our new home.


2 thoughts on “The Wild Things

  1. I like all the pictures, the one of all of you is really a good one. Ava is quite the climber. I can relate wih Bene sitting next to a heat register, I think many of us have been doing that lately. Have a good time on your trip. Grandma

  2. So glad the animals are all so happy – they all look content. So funny that Ava climbs the tree!

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