March: In Like a Lion!

Holy cow, it’s March! When did that happen?! Time seems to be flying by, which I suppose is a good thin.  From my experience, most people in the middle of a big kitchen renovation complain of time passing incredibly slow. C’est la vie.

I apologize for the lengthy delay in posting our renovation progress. After our last big wall removal in the kitchen, both Ian and I came down with nasty colds. I think it was something like the flu, and lucky for me, it came the week of parent teacher conferences. Long days + feeling like death do not equal any work being completed at home. So we took a week off and then kicked renovations into high gear last week. I have lots of updates to share! Hang tight!

Workout room progress:

During: A few weeks ago…



We’ve made a lot of progress in the last week! The ceiling has been white-washed, the walls have been painted (Behr “Frost” and “Maple Leaf”), the electrical is done (new Ikea light and updated outlets/covers), base trim and door frames are in place and ready to be painted, and we hung a mirror that we found in the master bedroom when we moved into the house (mirror = workout room requirement!). Behold:



We painted stripes to align with each window in the room.


All that’s left to do: trim around the windows, paint all the trim/baseboards, install main door and closet doors, and install the floor. We’re really so close!

Front door/Entry Progress



We tore-up the carpet and found hardwood underneath! Hooray! I also replaced the outdated gold door handle and lock with black (or brass). I’m sure it will look more complete once we replace the trim with modern white trim.


And finally…Kitchen Progress!



Progress: Let’s start with the north wall (straight ahead in the above photo) and the east wall (to the right). We cut the north wall in half and removed part of the east wall to let in more light.


Excuse the drywall…we have a lot of patching/replacing to do!


More Kitchen Before: 

I’m going to take you wayyyyy back: (Please notice how dark the pictures are. Yes, part of that was the so-so camera, and part of that was just the kitchen!)




Here’s what the kitchen looked like Saturday:


And here’s our kitchen today:


Let there be light!

Here’s what we did: Removed lower cabinets, removed ancient sink and dishwasher that never really worked, and removed soffits holding the upper cabinets (which also created large holes in our ceiling. Brrrr!!!).

Our next step is to patch the holes and re-drywall the walls that we’ve rebuilt. Then we need to rough-in the electrical for the kitchen (outlets, light switches, and lights). We’re making progress, slowly but surely!


2 thoughts on “March: In Like a Lion!

  1. WOW!! Everything is looking fabulous! Love the orange in the workout room! And the kitchen already looks a hundred time better!! All this while working full time – impressive!!

  2. Oh to be young again and have all that energy. I am so anxious to see all the work. It looks wonderful the way it is when one thinks of how it was before. I love your before and after pictures. Grandma

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