Jazz in the Park

Sunday, I joined my friends for final City Park Jazz of the season, checking off yet another one of my 30 Before 30. I’m so close to completing all of my goals! Only a few more months…

Speaking of birthdays, this lovely lady celebrated another wonderful year (though she hardly looks it!):

IMG_0775You may recall, I ran into this dear friend atop Mount Democrat the weekend before last. It’s been nice to see so much of her lately. Friends are so important! 🙂

But back to the music! As a KUVO junkie and self-proclaimed jazz-lover, I am ashamed that I have never attended one of Denver’s FREE City Park Jazz nights. How could I let that happen?! Thank goodness that situation is now remedied.

A fun-loving, eclectic marching band opened the show.

IMG_0772Henry Butler was the performer of the night playing for a few hours and delighting the audience in his New Orleans jazz and blues piano tradition perfect for tapping toes and dancing. Despite the clouds and threat of rain (which never came, thank goodness!), the last concert of the season drew quite a crowd! But I was happy to spend the night chatting and grooving with my friends in the back of the park away from all the crowds.




IMG_0785The night was so much fun and I can’t believe it has taken me so long to attend this wonderful concert series. My favorite local artist, Hazel Miller, opened the season. If I’m lucky, maybe she’ll play again next year and I can score a front-row seat blanket!


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