Renovation Progress

The kitchen is coming along.   We’ve been working on completing the drywall to prepare for cabinet installation (woot, woot!).  Taping and mudding is a long, arduous process.  And very messy!  Just ask Deke:


Yes, that is drywall mud (or joint compound) smeared along his side.  He rubbed against a freshly-mudded wall.  Super fun.  I’m sure he will tell you all about the great bath he had moments after this picture was taken. 😉  We now have to lock the dogs outside during mudding, and wait until it’s dry to let them back in.  The heat isn not making that very easy to do.

It’s really exciting to see nearly-finished walls in the kitchen.  People at work can’t believe our kitchen isn’t done yet.  Well, when both people have full-time jobs and only two people working, it takes time!  We’re nearing the downhill stretch and it feels like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Here are current progress pictures:

IMG_0797 IMG_0798 IMG_0792 IMG_0795

Things are covered in sheets because sanding the mud is SO crazy messy.  We’re trying to maintain some kind of decency in our house.  We also hung big plastic sheets on both entrances to the kitchen (the front hall and to the laundry/mud room).  It helped keep the dust from spreading all over the house.

We’re still working on the mudding.  We need to tape and mud the ceiling (oh joy) and do a second round on all the walls and corners.  Then we texture.  Then I paint.  And then, finally, the cabinets can be installed.

While kitchen progress is creeping along, I have been enjoying the last remaining summer evenings in our sunroom, which I’ve been trying to spruce up:

IMG_0793 IMG_0794

The nasty indoor/outdoor carpet is still intact, but I’ve added a few decorations in hopes of distracting the eye from the carpet…and the pile of lumber by the door.  Is it working?


2 thoughts on “Renovation Progress

  1. Drywall is so messy! I love working on projects but things like that that are messy and so dusty get to me after awhile…looks good!

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